It was way back in 1953, that the Kanara Welfare Trust made a tryst with destiny. We are proud that Kanara Welfare Trust has completed 60 years of its useful and fruitful existence. Founder Chairman late Dr. Dinkar Desai wrote in one of his epigrams –

“Right in the middle of the day, I dream
and my mind gets inspired by the dream,
schools one after the other sprout from my dream
Goddess Saraswati gets a garland comprising these
The message of the Trust is very clear. Service is endless. Kanara Welfare Trust is nothing but humanism of Dr. Dinkar Desai personified. Thousands of beneficiaries of the trust living in different places of the District and also outside look up to it with deep sense of gratitude and wish.
Magnificent buildings, laboratories, libraries and beautiful garden hold out a proof to the development and activities of the Trust. It should be remembered that the Trust is something more than a collection of bricks and stones. It is a living and growing organisation. Thousands of well-wishers, philanthropic donors, admirers and not to speak of countless beneficiaries constitute this mighty organisation. By and large, Kanara Welfare Trust has been able to achieve what is contained in the preamble. Observing the manifold activities of the Trust an eminent person exclaimed,
“The Trust by its significant service has almost established a University in the District of North Kanara”. Today we have a network of Institutions all over the District. It has to its credit 44 Institutions – 3 Degree colleges, 1 College of Education, 7 Junior Colleges, 16 High Schools and other Social Service Institutions. It was started with a meagre amount of Rs.6000/- collected by the Raith Community and now the assets are more than 15 crores excluding the land. The family of the Trust is growing day by day and there has been a significant increase in the number of students. Total enrolment is about 10000. All these have been possible because of the careful and judicious management of the Trust.